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Medium & Dark Roast

Medium & Dark Roast

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Enjoy the best of both roast of Burst of Java!! Bundle it up!!

Burst of Java's Organic Medium Dark Roast seamlessly blends the robust character of Indonesian beans with the bright acidity of Central American and the nuanced sweetness of South American beans. This well-balanced cup presents a bold and earthy foundation, complemented by lively acidity and subtle nutty undertones, creating a medium dark roast that's rich and complex.

For those seeking the pinnacle of boldness, our Dark Roast masterfully combines the intense flavors of Indonesian coffee with the deep chocolate notes and mild smokiness characteristic of South American beans. This dark roast exudes a full-bodied richness that brings together the best of both worlds. Together, these blends offer a remarkable journey through the diverse coffee landscapes of Indonesia, Central America, and South America, providing a cup that satisfies both the adventurous and the connoisseur in every sip.

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